extod – using exercise to beat diabetes

I definitely agree with this post, exercising doesn’t beat type 1 diabetes but it sure helps to maintain it.

going in anyway

My diabetes diagnosis came relatively late on in life, at least as far as conventional type 1 wisdom goes, it was just before my 25th birthday. I’m told that auto-immune events like mine can be triggered by stress so given my genetic background perhaps doing a PhD and being president of a student scuba diving club at the same weren’t the best ideas, but I’ve made my bed and I’m very happy with it thank you. But one of the benefits of the late occurrence was that I could join as many clinical trials as I liked, I asked my specialist nurse about it and before long I’d embarked on three trials to participate in my own small way in improving diabetes medicine. The first two were just surveys and blood samples but the third was the one that was genuinely interesting from my perspective.

The trial I’ve been a part…

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