Mom’s Thought’s

July 22, 2014

There’s no way to explain how I felt when I got the text “help me please” while on my morning jog. Yes, I am always available by phone for my girlie. We’ve been diagnosed for 3 months now and except for in the beginning, we haven’t had 300’s BG readings, so I was dying inside since Cat does everything right to handle her diabetes….after a panicky call to the doc and diabetes educator, testing for ketones, switching out the insulin pen and vial, we accepted that the naughty Ms. D is making sure we don’t get complacent and that we’re always on our toes. I thought I was a mess when she was away at sleep away camp 2 weeks ago, but this was a little crazy. Now we’re experimenting with increased basal and bolus amounts…swim meet today so we went easy on all the changes. Well, the saga continues….

August 13, 2014

The Mystery of the High Mid-Morning Blood Glucose Readings…Solved..
We recently moved. 6 miles away. Same zip code. Very different “in town, walking to everything lifestyle”. We moved on July 1st and were in the midst of our busy swim team season, so we thought we were being brilliant by buying pre-made breakfast sandwiches that could be warmed up quickly and eaten in the car on our way to 8am practices. Because we only moved 6 miles away, we still frequented all our usual stores, and we now had additional options. Because different supermarkets offer different product and brands, we would get a different breakfast product for the week based on what was offered at the particular store.
During swim team, we had no issues whatever. It’s amazing what one hour of swimming does for blood sugar levels. In fact, we had to watch very closely for the lows.
The week after swim team ended, Cat started a (less physically active) Arts Camp. On the first day, after our usual “brilliant” breakfast, she had her “Cloudy with a chance of highs” day. After about a week of highs, the next week had no highs at all so we thought we had solved the problem. (In retrospect, different store, different breakfast product that week) The “Cloudy” week coincided with our 3-month Endocrinologist visit and we had changed the basal dose slightly, so we were confident we had solved the problem.
Until it started again…. I am reading Gary Scheiner’s book, “Think Like A Pancreas”, my current diabetes bible. I had just gotten to the chapter called “Welcome to the Real World” which educated me on all the other things that can affect blood sugar. One of which is FATTY FOODS! Apparently, even though a food is low-ish in carbs, if it is high in fats, it will negatively affect your blood sugar long after you eat it. Eating a meal with more than 20 grams of fat will have the same negative effect. During the weeks Cat had high readings, she had eaten a national brand breakfast sandwich with 15 grams of fat and 1 gram of fiber! Needless to say, I’ve been making breakfast ever since. And we’ve had no highs, no lows. We’re just coasting. For Now.


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