Corn Maze!


So a couple of days ago I went to a corn maze with my friends, it was pretty fun halfway but towards the end, I regretted wearing a long sleeved shirt and jeans. My friend and I were running around trying to find envelopes in these little mailboxes, which told you clues to find the other mailboxes. Some were hidden very well! In fact it took 3 tries to one mailbox! But like I said before, after a while it did get pretty tiring, although I did manage to take some pretty photos of the scenery and my friends and I did a mini photoshoot. A little bit before halfway I got that weird glazy low feeling. Sometimes when I am low, I am so focused on the thing that I am doing, that I feel a little bit weird, but not that weird that I’d think it was a low. I hope you’re having a great day!

pumkins 2 sky 1sky 2pumpkins

Until the next post!



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