Fat is bad! Fat is bad for diabetics!! Today, I had Jimmy Dean’s sandwich with sausage and cheese, it was delicious! (My mom didn’t make breakfast because I woke up early to watch a movie). Anyways, my mom came down and after the most hilarious show (other then the Big Bang Theory, SpongeBob, Modern Family, and the Ellen show), Kathy-Lee and Hoda was on. After that show, Steve Harvey was on and that’s when I felt bloated. My stomach felt like I drank too much soda so it was bubbling down, and I had this horrible headache that felt like a pounding hammer with darts piercing. When we were watching about these ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend session on Steve Harvey, my mom asked me what was wrong and I told her. We decided to test my blood sugar and IT WAS 209!! We checked the fat on the nutrition facts and it was 8.5! 10-20 grams of fat spikes your blood sugar which was also another reason I had a whole catastrophe when I posted this big deal about, “The Storm.”

I really just was sluggish, and shaking, and drowsy, my mom decided that we’d go on a walk so that was super fun, just me and her walking around Princeton–Albert Einstein town!!

So, dear, diabetics, watch out for the fat.

Who’s with me? KILL FAT!!!!!


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