Shoo Fly, Mrs. D…

Sometimes, I just want diabetes to go away. I want all of it to be gone. I wish I could stuff my face with anything, even if I didn’t like that food and take no insulin. Diabetes is a complicated disease, meant only for people who are the right ones to deal with it. Things always happen for a reason. So, if you’re feeling down about diabetes, ask your parent or anybody who is trained to inject insulin in you so you can get a break. You can just break free from that glass box. But there are sometimes when you actually kind of like diabetes, I mean SERIOUSLY!! If you’d read the Fault in Our Stars you know about Cancer Perks, well little perks that I get are Diabetes Perks. Like, as a middle-schooler going into 6th grade, I can have my phone in school! How awesome is THAT!! And I get to eat snack in school, and I don’t even HAVE to feel bad about eating in front of my fellow classmates. There is always SOMETHING good about something that you have to deal with. And, yah know, hard things are meant to deal with!

So, take a deep breath…diabetics, Type 1 or Type 2 are your community, each when knowing how you feel when you’re down.


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