Cloudy With a Chance of HIGHS!!! Epilogue

Eventually, as you might know, the storm died down. The cobwebs were filtered. The sky is blue. I have updated by Lantus to 19 units instead of 17 and my carbohydrate factor is 18 instead of 20. I just need more insulin because of my growth hormones. But, I barely need insulin when I’m swimming in the swim team, instead I need glucose! It has gone to 48 after swimming at the sleep away camp I was at! Exercise agrees with all diabetics, Type 1, Type 1.5, Type 2, or even pre-diabetics. It’s important to at least exercise once idea and you have to force yourself too and I know I need to instead of sitting on the sofa watching SpongeBob.

DIABETES. Ms. D does not define who you are, it does not define how you dress, or your checker skills or whatever. Does Ms. D change how you act? That’s a half-and-half question, you can either act responsible or act like you do not have this challenge. And I do think I’m acting pretty responsible with this, I do my own shots, finger sticks, testing, Levothyroxine (my thyroid meds), recognizing my symptoms, and doing my Lantus every morning.

I think this storm has stabilized for now, you never know what Ms. D has in store for you…………….


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