My Troubles for Nighttimes

It’s always been hard at night for my blood sugars. The day before yesterday, I was up until 11:44 P.M. controlling my blood sugar. My sugar just went up and down, nd down.

It was annoyingly annoying:
8:07- 113
8:59- 68
9:29- 104
9:48- 121
10:03- 107
10:21- 87
10:40- 97
10:54- 84
11:27- 127
11:44- 135

So, um, it was a very long night and I usually go to sleep at 9:00 or 9:30!

Yesterday, I decided to have an eight-o-clock snack. In Think Like a Pancreas, he said when you’re trying to raise your blood sugar, you should always eat protein and carbs. I had these Club crackers with cheese, so protein. My nighttime range is 140-180 and my blood sugar was 153, I didn’t want it to go down at 9:00 so I ate all of them. So, while eating I was watching Iron Man 2. At 9:00, is was 202. I basically screamed in my mind so frustrated but then I got myself back together. I waited 20 minutes and it went up to 220. I did jumping jacks because usually when you’re sleeping, your blood sugar goes up. At 9:39 it was 179, so it definitely went down and I got to go to sleep. The next day which is today was 111, perfect blood sugar!


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