My Idea of a Cure

If I was a doctor right away I’d focus on finding a cure, of course I can fund for the American Diabetes Association but it wouldn’t be the same as being recognized for finding a cure. I may not know much about science but they could either do an everlasting insulin pump where they just attach the pump to you and it would automatically give you insulin which is already what they do so that would not work. They could also invent a kind of water with insulin in it so you can drink it and then it would go right into your pancreas. My last idea is that you could live with it. Trust me, if you have diabetes like me you’ll know that it gets in the way of your life but it just seems to add more into your life. You know what I mean? If anybody who has diabetes is reading this or if anybody who has a family member who has diabetes, please comment your idea of a cure.


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