My 1st Very Low

This happened on July 3, 2014 when I had my first low. Since you’re always supposed to test at night, we tested and it kept going up and down.

* 7:52    Blood Sugar: 165

*8:53-   Blood Sugar: 113

* (I tried correcting 113 since my night-time range is 140-180.) 8:58    Blood Sugar: 113

*9:12-   Blood Sugar: 114

*9:32-  Blood Sugar: 147 (We wanted to be in the 160s so we waited)

*10:00- Blood Sugar: 127

I was tired, and I wanted to go to sleep so I took a glucose tab and then went to sleep. The next morning by blood sugar was: 45. I was sort of freaking out but then I calmed myself down. I’d never been that low! 54 was the lowest. So I ate breakfast with NO insulin and it was 102. When I woke up, my senses didn’t even tell me that it was low, I just felt normal (as normal as I usually am in the morning: tired, groggy, hungry) Because of this time, I advise you to never go to sleep if it’s not in your night-time range. Please just don’t, you’ll feel better. And don’t try to get yourself low just because you want to try it, I think you’d been the hospital longer then you’d be in the hospital if you were high. It might seem fun but you could die. So don’t even think about it.



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