Another High!!

I officially think that my honeymoon period is off. CANCELED. I was feeling much more tired then usual so I decided to test. I put the test strip in the lancing device and put the needle into the lancet. It did the whole countdown (I shed my eyes) and it was 306. šŸ˜¦ I freaked out, then stayed calm and went to get my mom. Right now while I’m posting I am biking. Not literally biking–biking on the fitness bike. I just popped by earbuds in and starting to pedal. I should’ve known that it was high, since we’re moving to Princeton (we live in West Windsor) I was cleaning the back steps leading into the basement and I got really thirsty. I drank all the way to the tip of the wrapper. I SHOULD’VE KNOWN!! The good thing is that I tested, went to my mom and am now exercising. If you feel weird TEST. I know I’m doing a lot of cap locks but you have to test, testing tells you everything and then you can fix it. Remember you don’t have insulin in your pancreas but instead you’re the pancreas giving insulin and you have to take care of it.

After I exercised my sugar was 176. Next time I will not be able to eat without taking insulin, unless we’re treating a low. I will only be able to have sweet tea if I’m hungry. Now I’m afraid of having a low. Ugh, my life with diabetes!!


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